Down on the Farm

Some friends of ours are hardworking and entrepreneurial.

Lately, they’ve been looking for a new project. Our tribe accompanied them on a visit to a local farm property that’s for sale. There’s riverfront, sugarbush, open fields and scrub. There’s a farmhouse, two barns, two sugarhouses, a shed and an old coop.

But it was in rough shape.

Scott said, “It makes me tired just looking at it.”

Whatever the outcome, it was a great treat. The kids got to explore and for the parents it recalled (mis)adventures of our youth.

I took these pics on an HTC Incredible using Vignette for Android (demo version).

Fellow Dads, You’ll Get This…

Sometimes, even when it’s not your fault, these are a good idea.

She Came, She Saw, She Kicked Some Mouse

If you follow this blog, then you know that our daughter recently had the opportunity to visit the Mouse in Florida.

We drove to Boston to meet her and her “host family” as they got off the plane. We had spent two days in Beantown with our boys and Piggy, taking in the sites and painting the town pink.

As we floated down the escalator, we yelled out in unison. There were hugs, spinning, and a babble of words: warm, fun, alligators, Mickey, Minnie, silly, swim, princesses, Chip and Dale…

After a harrowing ride north through an ice storm and a good night’s sleep, she finally got the chance to narrate a slideshow of photos depicting her adventure. Here’s a sample:

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Yeah, she came, she saw, she kicked some mouse.

Older Than Mom

Henry said, “Dad, you are the oldest one in this family – you’re even older than Mom! That means you get to tell her what to do.”

Piggy Goes to Beantown

My wife put together this fun video of our recent trip to Boston. You can get more of the story at her blog, OINKtales.


Piggy’s Adventures in Beantown from OINKtales on Vimeo.

Nora’s Note

On her way to Disney, my daughter wrote this letter to her security blanket and her little brother's stuffed pig.

The Sled

Shaun White was relieved to find out that he will have retired long before Henry is old enough to compete in The Olympics.

Put simply, Henry shreds. I have never seen a 5 year-old throw himself head-first down a sledding hill with such abandon.

Wipe outs, crashes, face plants – none faze Henry. The only time he whispers or moans is when the sun sets and its time to hang up the sled.

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